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I am the one armed kimchi monster, kneel before my mighty flavour citizens of Lustenau.jpe




We will only give a brief point of view on this topic which is based on scientific research as well as own experience. We are neither scientist-bacteria nor do we believe that “human science” has any idea of the full spectrum of microbiology. We leave it up to you to make up your own mind. Now there is a growing number of websites and literature that will help you with this.


The role we microorganisms play in your human and also health for other beings, has long been neglected. Slowly there are more studies being brought to light which, like missing puzzle pieces, start to paint a whole new picture of human physiology.


We write these lines from our point of view (that of the microorganisms) because we outnumber you. New study results are being constantly released on this matter but so far they all agree on one thing: it's our home game!

The fact that we are the majority of this ecosystem “human” leaves us with a lot of work of course. In this category we have for instance your total autoimmune system, your digestion from beginning till end, your hormones and therefore your mood/consciousness, up to the point of the fact that we make up the majority of “your” DNA. You are not you, WE are you! No need to panic. In the next section “Sapiens” we will give you some sources to help you understand this new knowledge.

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