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I am the one armed kimchi monster, kneel before my mighty flavour citizens of Lustenau.jpe




Well, rather we, the Trillions of microorganisms that are inhabiting this human macro-organism, who goes by the name of Sanjay Bösch, have made it our goal to revive human consciousness and knowledge about our existence. Therefore we chose this host to learn the art of fermentation autodidactic, like many others in this milieu.


Our biochemical romance began in Fall of 2013, when Sanjay was experiencing his re-naturalization process whilst working at Vetterhof and in his own garden and fully re-embedded himself into the web of life. One evening Simon Vetter, the son of the farmer who was also in his re-transitioning phase back into agriculture, handed Sanjay a copy of the back then brand new “The Art of Fermentation” by Sandor E. Katz and said: “ Here Sanjay, this'll surely catch your interest!”. Either the guy already had visions in front of his eyes or he didn't know what he just had done. It would go on to change Sanjay's life drastically. Any leftover or not sellable vegetable found on the farm was stuffed in stone crockpots, jars, even vases to ferment it into lactic acid veggies. Shortly after, other processes like brewing Kombucha, baking sourdough bread and also the first workshops followed.


The first attempts at making miso yielded something a little bit off from the original. Therefore we made Sanjay do a 9 month long travel through Asia where he spent the last 3 months with WWOOFING at different places in Japan and diving more into the details of making Miso, soy sauce and other Japanese practices.


Since spring of 2017 we now work by the company name of Bacteriosapiens. We thank the microbes inhabiting Hannah Crum, author of “The big book of Kombucha”, for this glorious name. It sums up the significance of our being in one word, more on this in the section “Bacterio”.

Under this name we now offer a wide variety of fermented products as well as workshops in which we will colonize you other potential macro-organisms. For further questions please send an e-mail or just call us.

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