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I am the one armed kimchi monster, kneel before my mighty flavour citizens of Lustenau.jpe




The knowledge that we have accumulated so far is passed on by Sanjay in his workshops, dates you can find in the Calendar. For those living too far away or if you couldn't catch a free seat, here's a list of literature that helped us:

Sandor E. Katz – „The Art of Fermentation“ and „Wild Fermentation“ or on his Website


Hannah Crum und Alex La Gorey – „The big book of Kombucha“ or on


Ed Yong - „I contain multitudes“ and there are plenty of podcasts he did everywhere on the web.


Nancy Singleton Hachisu: „Preserving the Japanese Way“ - like the title suggests, mainly for those interested in Japanese culture and practices.


William Shurtleff & Akiko Aoyagi – The soy-prophets with their 3 ground breaking works: „The book of Miso“, „The book of Tofu“ and „The book of Tempeh“.


Comb through the web for anything related to probiotics, microbiome, microbiota, leaky gut and other related things, because the list would be endless to list it all here and also we want to encourage you to go on your own journey.


Kombucha Cultures, Waterkefir grains, Koji spores and other cultures and products can be sold/sent to you by Sanjay, just contact him about that.


Welcome to this new perspective of your/our existence!



Sanjay and his Microbiome

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